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Hi, we are Kim and Jason and this is the story of how we got started in the estate sales market. First, we want to thank you for visiting our web site. Kim and I both have college degrees. Kim has a degree in education and I have a degree in psychology. We both dabbled in "Corporate America"

for many years. After time passed by, Corporate America was not fitting in our lives. Working for ourselves seemed to be more appealing to us then working for a boss. So we both quit our jobs and started a cabinet refinishing business. Although the cabinet business was rewarding for many years, an opportunity surfaced after visiting our favorite estate sale company, Ethel's Love Estate Sales. Lance, the owner of Ethel's, got to know us very well. One day, out of the clear blue, Lance asked if we might be interested in starting an estate sale company. After careful consideration, we decided to give it a try. Lance took time out of his busy schedule to show us the "ropes" of estate sales. We were very impressed with Lance's business principles. He taught us to have fair pricing and clean and organized sales.  The most important thing for us is to take care of the families we work with!  We want to create a relationship with our clients and care for them and their home with all our heart!  Ever since our first sale we have not looked back. We love what we do and love our customers!  Our repeat customers tell us that they can't wait for our next sale so they can get their "Green Frog" hug.  We want to thank Lance, his team, and all of the other people who have supported us in our new endeavor!!  

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