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Q. What sets you apart from your competitors?
A. First we are a Faith-based company. Second, we
 are known for our friendliness and enthusiasm - our buyers love to shop with us and our clients love working with us! Green Frog goes the extra mile to make sure each sale is up to our Green Frog Standards (Everything is clean, priced and organized). We've amassed a huge following this way; our customers know they are attending a top-notch sale, which translates to higher revenue for you. 
Q. Do I need to do anything before you start work?
A. The only thing you need to do is remove anything that won't be part of the sale (and in situations where things can't be moved out quickly, we're happy to designate a room or closet as "private" and store personal or family-reserved items there). We take care of everything else!
Above all, don't throw anything out - things like spices, half containers of laundry soap, clothing, cans of paint and oil, matchbooks, office supplies, and other household items can add a surprising amount of value to your sale. We have sold bags of rocks, bricks, and old peat moss. We're happy to sort out and bag up the true trash for you on our time - so you can save yours! We cannot stress enough how much value these small items will bring to your sale.

Q. How will you advertise our sale?
A. We have several ways we advertise your sale. First, we advertise your sale on Estate We generally have 5000 hits (views) within a week. Second, we cross advertise on craigs list and have had many customers visit our sales based on craigs list. Third, we have a very big email list that we send out each week informing them of your sale. Fourth, we send out information about your sale on Facebook. And, finally, we cap the advertising by putting a professional banner right outside of your house, plus we put signs at each major intersection pointing in the direction of your sale.

Q. How do you price?
A. With over three decades of experience, 
Green Frog prides themselves on their pricing. First and foremost, we do not inflate pricing. Our philosophy is to price based on market value. We do alot of research to insure you are receiving the most for your belongings. Our goal is to sell as much as we can for you on the first day. With most sales being a three day event, we are full price on the first day, 25% off the second day and 50% off the final day. What we have left does not go home with us nor does it go to a store front to sell. We donate the remainder of goods to "City Union" and provide a tax receipt.  

Q. I'm out of town - do I need to be there for this?
A. No - we regularly have people send us keys from out of state. It's helpful if a relative or someone local can show us around the house the first time and show us the lights, thermostat controls, etc., but we have handled long-distance complete sale/clean-out situations with no problem at all. Obviously, if there are things the family is keeping, someone needs to deal with those first, but there is no need for anyone to be there while we are working or during the actual sale. We will sort out and set aside all personal paperwork, photographs, etc. for the family to take care of after the sale. We are also happy to work directly with your estate lawyer or realtor.

Q. How much lead time do you need to do a sale?
A. The short answer is 7 days - this is the minimum to insure everything is set up to our
Green Frog standards.The longer answer is as much time as possible, especially if it is a large estate needing a lot of organizing and tagging. Our schedule is busier at some times of the year than others and all of our sales get our personal attention.

Q. Are you insured ?
A. Yes, we are insured for business liability. However, you are also expected to have homeowner's insurance in force on the premises during the sale period. 
You should make sure that anyone you interview can produce their insurance certificate .

Q. I'm a little worried about my floors and carpeting; how do you help protect things?
A. We bring in mats or cover carpet with plastic when needed; we also make sure to leave the property as clean as we found it (or cleaner in many cases).

Q. Do you sell cars, boats, etc.?
A. Yes - we have been quite successful with this for estates. You do need to make sure that the appropriate title work is done and that there is a signed bill of sale before the sale so that we can offer a clear title to the buyer, since we are acting as your agent for a private sale.

Q. Does it bother you if we interview a few more companies?
A. Not at all! We'd far rather you interviewed several other companies and then choose us knowing that we are absolutely the right fit for you. Just be sure to ask the other companies the questions that are listed above.  We'd also love to have you visit one of our sales so you can see how we do things in person.

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  • Remember that our on-site consultations are always free - we look forward to hearing from you!



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